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        My company mainly engaged in:      QTZ63 model of ordinary tower crane      Construction elevator SCD200/200     


        Certificate of credit
        Excellent products from jiangsu province
        Certificate of quality management system certification
        Testing the technical working committee
        Jiangsu quality integrity five star enterprise
        Manufacture License of Special Equipment
        Jiangsu provincial building safety and equipment management association
        certificate of honor
        LINKS     Baidu    FHT    Alibaba    Civil OnlineConstruction elevator SCD200/200       Construction elevator SC200/200
        Telephone:0519-83562158  83561666    Fax:0519-83566330      E-mail:root@cztrjj.com
        Address: Changzhou city ZhongLou District Bu Yi Bridge No. 158 pier pipa     Copyright:Changzhou Tianren Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.